Obamacare Delay

Obamacare Delay

Delays to the implementation of Obamacare continue. Apparently, more time is needed to implement the employer mandate. The mandate requires that any employer with more than fifty employees needs to provide health insurance or pay a federal tax. Although, the bill became law over three years ago, the Obama Administration says implementation will be delayed until 2015.

It may be that OR it may be that really the Obama Administration needs more time to convince employers to not cut back employee hours or not offer health benefits at all and JUST pay the tax.

However, the mandate for individuals still remains in place. Beginning in 2014, every legal adult must own health insurance or pay a tax. Prepare yourselves. This will cause huge amounts of confusion for one year as millions of employees will be forced into the individual health insurance market while the government sorts out the employer mandate. Yikes.

Changes and delays to Obamacare include:

  1. A cost increase of $940 billion over the first ten years to $1.76 trillion.
  2. A larger cut to medicare…from $520 billion to $716 billion.
  3. Taxes
  4. Class Act….being shelved and most likely dead.
  5. Federal risk pools are out of money, with only a fraction of anticipated people enrolled.
  6. In a third of the time expected, subsidies for the retiree health benefits have run out of money.
  7. SHOP program for small business to purchase insurance has been delayed and may not happen.
  8. Almost no one believe the exchanges will be ready to accept patients in time.
  9. 26 states not setting up exchanges and deferring to the federal government.
  10. 17 states not expanding medicaid.
  11. Only 10% of eligible employers took advantage of small business tax credits due to them being too complicated.
  12. Insurance co-ops – only 24 out of 50 states.
  13. 20,000 pages of new regulations.
  14. 75% of small businesses believe ACA will hurt job creation.
  15. The IRS has 46 new responsibilities under Obamacare
  16. The IRS will need more funding and more agents.

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