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Do you need help closing plans and capturing rollovers? We are here to help with:

  • Turning propositions into prospects
  • Building up credibility and trust with your various prospects
  • Working with plan sponsors for answers to questions
  • Reviewing plan documents.

Profit Maximization

It is essential that you are able to cut back on the amount of time that you service clients while also maximizing contributions on a regular basis. Come to us for:

  • A comprehensive review of plan documents to help determine the proper plan design
  • Innovative design features to help boost participation as well as bolstering deferral percentages
  • For critical employee issues, we can modify current plans or formulate an additional plan

Happy Clientele

It is important to us that your clients are happy so that they can get the most from their investment. This, in turn, helps to generate other investment businesses. This is done by:

  • Making sure that each client has a dedicated administrator or single point of contact. This adds a personal touch and makes turnaround time a lot faster.
  • Addressing all challenges and issues before they arise to remain as proactive as possible.
  • Putting out yearly client surveys to gather information directly from clients – taking notes on the potential for improvement.

Why Work With Us?

It is important to us that our clients allow us to help with a variety of areas, including compliance, distributions, and design. This helps to cut back on time, having to put out fires that may not necessarily be related to fund management. We are here to act as part of the team and to help put you in an excellent position with your clients.

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Our clients enjoy working with us because of our rich history forging impressive client-relationships. All of our referral sources can attest to our ability to help foster success in this field.

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If it is important to you that you have a TPA that is as invested in your client’s business as you, then your search is over. We are here to act as a bridge between you and the client as a way to allow retirement planning to flow in the manner it was designed. If you have a client with a plan that does not seem to be working, and there is too much liability, we can work on balancing the plan and changing the overall landscape.
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Financial Advisors

There could be several reasons that you would seek help. You might be looking for ways to make a current plan work better, or there could be a client that wants to know all of the options available for their business. We are here to provide you with a free analysis of whether you need strategic design or help with anticipated contributions. Our goal is to make sure that your client is able to enjoy a plan that works.
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When you spend a significant amount of money and time to enjoy where you are today, you never want to deal with your client losing trust in the payroll company or the bank that is attached to their plan. It is our goal to provide the best possible advice to all of our clients when it comes to not only plan design, but also administration and compliance.

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