The Benefits of Workforce Reporting – Davis Bacon Pension Plans, Inc.

The Benefits of Workforce Reporting – Davis Bacon Pension Plans, Inc.

Davis Bacon Laws require a certain amount of reporting and tracking. While it may seem like extra work or a nuisance there is actually a lot of benefit to reporting workforce data on prevailing wage jobs. Building a better community relies heavily on hiring the right workforce. Workforce reporting does not just communicate that a company is complying with Davis Bacon laws, it empowers an agency or contractor to hire more intuitively and make a bigger positive impact on a community’s workforce.

Use of Proper and Current Workforce Reporting Technology can:

  • Track workers throughout their career on a variety of jobs with different employers
  • Locate local skilled labor workers within certain geographic areas
  • Measure the inclusion of under-represented demographics of workers on jobs
  • Shed light on worker retention
  • Allow a company to plan manpower needs for future projects
  • Get a better estimate on workforce supply gaps for future labor requirements
  • Help with facilitating continued employment as jobs wrap up
  • Track the success of apprenticeship programs including students moving into private work
  • Give results of funds utilized from specific funds and grants

Advances in technology and laws that require agencies to record wage and worker information allow us to see more clearly the positive impact that Davis Bacon jobs have on the community. Communities are using the data they record to not just pass onto those upholding the laws to prove they are in compliance with the laws, but also to ensure their hiring strategies are benefiting the community with solid evidence. Companies not only have the ability to track wages but the type of workers that are hired for a job. This information can then be used to make informative decisions to change policy and laws as needed for the continued improvement in the quality of life for those living in a community.

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