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White House Plan Would Mean Billion Dollar Tax Hike for Contractors

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President Obama recently unveiled a White House corporate tax reform proposal. In response to said proposal, the Associated Builders and Contractors, otherwise known as ABC issued the following statement:

“Far from a ‘grand bargain’, the president’s latest trial balloon simply repackages warmed over White House proposals from years past,” said ABC Vice President of Federal Affairs, Geoff Burr.

“Corporate only rate reduction does not amount to business tax reform, “said Burr. “The president’s plan not only widens the existing gap between Main Street and the Fortune 500, but would actually mean billions of dollars in increased taxes for construction contractors.” Read More “White House Plan Would Mean Billion Dollar Tax Hike for Contractors”

Construction Industry Adds Jobs in November

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Nearly 17,000 new jobs have been added by the construction industry in November 2013 making the sector’s employment level reach the highest it’s been since August of 2009. The industry’s unemployment rate has fallen to 8.6 percent. However, that’s still employment is still nearly 1.9 million below peak levels in 2006. This data comes from an analysis done by the Associated General Contractors of America. The Association also notes that this is probably due to construction spending levels hitting a four year high in October. Read More “Construction Industry Adds Jobs in November”

Controversial “Employee Rights” Poster Rule Abandoned by NLRB

A rule that would have required employers to display a poster in their workplace that contained a biased and incomplete list of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act has been abandoned. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) abandoned its poster rule when they decided not to file petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to review two U.S. Court of Appeals decisions that invalidated the rule. The decision to not file was made by allowing the deadline to file the appeal to pass. Read More “Controversial “Employee Rights” Poster Rule Abandoned by NLRB”

New Laws for Hiring

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Recently new Labor Department regulations went into effect requiring federal contractors to begin hiring a minimum number of protected veterans and disabled workers. Contractors who don’t at least show they are taking steps to meet benchmarks for hiring these types of workers could face penalties or have their contracts revoked.

The target for disabled workers is 7 percent, and for veterans, the goal would either be based on the national percentage of veterans in the workforce — currently 8 percent — or a company’s own benchmark based on the best available data. Read More “New Laws for Hiring”