Davis Bacon Wage Rates

Davis Bacon Wage Rates

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What is Wage Determination?

It is the listing of wage rates and fringe benefit rates for each classification of mechanics and laborers for which the Department of Labor has determined to be prevailing in a given area for a certain kind of construction.

The Davis Bacon Act says that all Federal Government construction contracts and the contracts for federally assisted construction over $2000 have to contain the appropriate and correct Davis-Bacon Wage determination. You can find current rage rates at Wage Determinations OnLine.gov. You find wage rates listed for every county of every state.

When searching for wage rates, there are two very important criteria:

1) Project location.

2) The type of construction

You can also search wage rates with a wage determination number. Also known as “mod number”, this number shows the revisions and it is important that the wage rates included in the project documents are the most current available with revisions at the time project goes out for bids.

Please Note:

If publication of any revision occurs fewer than 10 days before bid opening, and the agency finds that there is not sufficient time to notify bidders of the modification, it may be disregarded. However, if a contract is not awarded within 90 days after bid opening, modification to a general wage determination in the contract will be effective to that contract, unless the agency receives special approval from the Department of Labor not to do so.

If no general wage determination is listed for a given county for a specific project, the federal agency funding or financially assisting the construction project needs to request a wage determination under the Davis-Bacon Act by submitting a Standard Form (SF) 308 to the Department of Labor, Branch of Construction Wage Determination.